Rekluse Z-start Auto Clutch

Installed and rode with my new Rekluse Z-start Clutch this weekend..,

After sitting on a shelf for too many months, I installed my Z-start clutch on Saturday, rode for the first time on Sunday. Installation is pretty easy, even for someone like me who has never been inside of a wet clutch before. Instructions left a little to be desired, not enough pictures or clear graphics, and a couple of inconsistancies. Renegade from this board was helpful with some quick telephone consultation when I was trying to figuire a few things out...

Conclusion: I love it.

It took almost no time to adapt to not using the clutch for upshifts and downshifts, and not feathering the clutch on climbs.

If the definition of being a better rider is being able to handle difficult terrain more competently, it makes me a better rider. When climbing loose, rocky hills I can focus on my line, worry less about momentum, stalling, and feathering the clutch to stay in the power band. On easier trails, I can still loft the front wheel as needed and get great compression braking on downhill sections. Shifting is smooth on all shifts, with the exception of 5th gear upshift. Seems a little stiffer than all the others. I still might need to fine-tune my clutch actuation point. Typically very easy, but as the adjuster screw was missing from my kit and my temporary solution was some saftey wire to hold the spring in place rather than the threaded rod, fine tuning is a little trickier!

I had wanted to try a rev-lock clutch for years, but the price always put me off. For $400, the Z-start is likely the best mod I've done to my bike to date; right ahead of my Scotts stabilizer!

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