Next Adventure: New Zealand!

I think I'm going to head to New Zealand for most of February.

I've heard so many fantastic things about this place, and think a month of summer in the middle of our winter would be just the ticket...

Still trying to figuire out the best way to borrow/buy a bike in NZ, as well as where to visit while I'm there!

Thanks to Chris, Erin, and all the AdvRider, HU folks, and other for helping with this trip!

Last Adventure: Copper Canyon Mexico!

In October, I went down with a group of friends to the Copper Canyon area in North-Central Mexico.

Copper Canyon is a canyon network larger and deeper than our own Grand Canyon, with amazing scenic beauty, fantastic twisty paved roads to ride on, countless dirt roads and trails to explore, and extremely an extremely freindly Tarahumari native and mesizto population.

Below are some random pictures from the trip...